KDealer Portal Services

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These systems contain sensitive and private data regarding KMA and its dealerships. The official website can be accessed at www.kdealer.com. KDealer is a business-to-business portal for Kia Motors America (KMA) proprietary systems and programs.


You can view information about cases, pending projects, dealerships, and more by logging into the portal.

KDealer Services

Your credentials grant you access to the KDealer portal for a variety of purposes. Several of these are detailed below:

Entering Case Details 

  • On the case details page, you can save the case at any time by clicking “Save as Draft.”
  • Once you’ve saved the case, you can finish it and send it in on the “My Draft Cases” page.
  • Click “Submit Case” only when you are ready to send the case to the Kia Techline Assistance Center.
  • A red asterisk shows which fields must be filled out. If these fields are not filled out, the case cannot be submitted.
  • The email field will already have the email address you gave to KDealer when you signed up.
  • If the email address is wrong or you want to be reached at a different address, you can change it right on the case details page.

Viewing Advice

  • Once a Kia Techline representative has reviewed your case, a note will be added.
  • You can view the advice by navigating to “My Open Cases” and searching for the pertinent case.
  • If you require additional information or need to communicate with the Techline agent further, you can enter comments in the Advice section’s open text box and click “Update Case.”
  • If the advice you received has resolved your issue, click “Close Case” to close the case.
  • If Techline representatives are handling “Repair Assistance” cases, they may be instructed to open a PWA case.
  • This button allows you to quickly create a new PWA case.

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